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Starting at $100 per Month

QuickShip allows you to easily integrate scanners, scales and label printers into your Skubana setup, providing efficient workflows for commonly-repeated tasks, such as weighing packages, shipping orders, and printing labels.

Upon installation of the necessary hardware and software, you will be able to enter weights into Skubana for single-box and multi-box shipments using an efficient workflow that requires only a barcode scanner. Although the weighing process still happens at a computer, it can be done without the need for a keyboard or mouse. This allows one employee to enter weights for up to hundreds of orders an hour.

Additionally, with QuickShip installed, shipping labels and packing slips can be printed instantly, without the extra interaction that has been necessary to print and close a PDF file opened in the web browser.

Get it now for a special rate of $100 per month for up to five shipping stations!

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