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At Daasity, we believe every company – no matter the size – should have access to the data and tools they need to be successful. Daasity is the first and only data analytics platform built exclusively for Direct-to-Consumer brands by industry leaders in the space. Daasity’s proprietary data model extracts, transforms and aggregates data into one view providing access to accurate and holistic insights that empower brands to drive strategic growth.

Daasity brings all of your company’s data sources into a single data set and view, enabling an easier way to see the key products that are driving Sales, Profit Margin, Campaign Performance and Customer Lifetime Value. Together, Daasity and Skubana empower merchants to uncover critical insights in their Inventory and Operational data to discover opportunities to better deliver products to customers. Monitor Operational costs, Carrier performance and shipping times to improve efficiency across fulfillment center.

Pull in data from Shopify, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Amazon Seller/Vendor Central, Retail locations, or your home grown POS system.

Customer Quote:

“Before Daasity we were manually updating Google sheets on a daily or weekly basis to track inventory and marketing. Now we have easy, automated dashboards that are saving a ton valuable time so we focus on running the business.

-Sean Agetap, Co-Founder, Vincero Watches

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