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DCL Logistics is a full-service fulfillment and logistics company, providing everything from direct-to-consumer fulfillment, business-to-retail fulfillment, and other value-added services. DCL Logistics leverages its 30+ years of operational expertise and customer commitment, supporting industry pioneers ranging from startups to global brands in launching their products through a variety of sales channels. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company has built a global footprint with facilities across the US and a network of global partners servicing its clients and their complex distribution requirements. With experience working with a diverse and dynamic client base in today’s on-demand world, DCL Logistics is equipped to design custom client programs and execute instant, flawless product delivery.

Specialty Services: E-commerce Fulfillment, Retail Fulfillment, Storage and warehousing, Kitting, Assembly, Returns.

Ideal Order Volume Per Month: 500+ B2C orders per month

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