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$65 Per Mo., Per Agent. Includes Unlimited Tickets

Deliver world-beating customer support with eDesk, the only helpdesk purpose-built for online retailers.

eDesk’s mailbox organizes your customer messages into easy-to-manage tickets, and combines them with each customer’s order history, message history and shipping information, so you and your team have all the context at your fingertips to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently from a single app. 

When you install the eDesk integration, Skubana order details will automatically be matched to tickets within eDesk. You’ll also be able to add notes to Skubana from order related tickets in eDesk.

Other eDesk features:
* eDesk’s auto-response feature is perfect for those busy weekends and holiday periods, meaning you can maintain speedy responses without ever becoming overwhelmed.
* eDesk is also great for growing retailers as its shared inbox, coupled with team performance reporting, means teams working from different locations won’t respond to the same query.
* eDesk’s feedback tool that makes it easy for you to generate tons of reviews to grow your reputation.

If you want happier customers, increased sales, and better team performance, join thousands of leading online retailers and sign up for eDesk today.


Plans start at £47/$65 per month, per agent which includes unlimited tickets

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