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Inventory Planner

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$119.99 per month

Inventory Planner is a market-leading demand forecasting solution for e-commerce brands.

With Inventory Planner, it’s easier than ever to eliminate overstocks and stockouts thanks to tailored forecasting and purchasing configuration that predict what your customers will buy and when. Get leveled-up purchasing recommendations for your bestsellers and streamline your PO creation to meet demand.

Our values

We are reliable

We’re experts in retail inventory planning that truly understand our customers. Our powerful buying recommendations are based on customized demand forecasting that is proven to be highly accurate. Inventory Planner is trusted by merchants who count on it for optimizing cash flow, maximizing profit, and making faster, smarter decisions.

We save our customers time

E-commerce merchants are busy people; Inventory Planner is a hassle-free, innovative solution that saves tons of time. From providing accurate forecasts that eliminate the guesswork (and stress) of determining what to buy, to syncing PO creation, so it can be done in a matter of seconds, Inventory Planner frees up retailers to focus on more important things.

We save our customers money

When items go out of stock or slow-moving products are overstocked, businesses lose revenue. Some even fail as a result. Inventory Planner saves merchants money by providing reliable forecasting and buying recommendations that eliminate the risk of stockouts,overstock, and overselling. Inventory Planner helps retailers make profit-boosting decisions based on accurate data, including tapping into trends early and responding to market shifts.


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