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SMS by Zapier

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Remember the time you missed out on that high dollar order? Now you'll receive a text whenever you have a Skubana order whose total goes above a specific amount! Never again experience the despair of inadvertently delaying a top priority shipment.

Note: This Zapier integration will not send texts for pre-existing orders, only those created after the integration is turned on.

How this Skubana-SMS integration works

  1. An order is created in Skubana
  2. Zapier filters out all orders under a certain total value
  3. Zapier sends an SMS

Apps involved

  • Skubana
  • Filters by Zapier
  • SMS by Zapier

Per Skubana's Terms of Service and Privacy Notice Skubana is not responsible for third party integrations.


App by Skubana Labs

App Details

Author: Skubana Labs


Version: 1.0

15 W 18th St, Floor 7

New York, NY 10011

(855) 812-2732