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Starts at $50 Per Month

Get control over your data with StoreReport. StoreReport allows you to easily view & export detailed data reports from your Skubana Store.

StoreReport includes:

  • Excel style data presentation
  • Advanced Data Grid
  • Easy to find and fix Order errors
  • Custom Data Grid Layouts
  • Custom fields with custom math
  • Export to Excel
  • Much more...

Setup is quick, and there are friendly StoreReport support crew to help you get started.

Welcome to StoreReport

Read only

StoreReport only reads data. All changes are local and will not affect your Skubana store.

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Load and Save

Save your Skubana Data in StoreReport file for later analytics. Save time getting your Orders reports.

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Export for Excel

Data exported is in "Tab separated format" .tsv meaning it uses "TAB" to separate values during export.

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App by Data Solutions Labs

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Author: Data Solutions Labs


Version: 1.0

15 W 18th St, Floor 7

New York, NY 10011

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