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Zendesk (Powered by Zapier)

Skubana Labs Developer details

Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that makes it simple to provide great customer support.

With a Zendesk integration (powered by Zapier), you could automate:

  • - Adding new Skubana customers to Zendesk as users.
  • - Generating a ticket in Zendesk when a paid order is placed.
  • - Finding organizations and creating Zendesk users in them when new customers are added to Skubana.
  • - And much more! Let us know what you’re looking for with a quick survey.

Per Skubana's Terms of Service and Privacy Notice Skubana is not responsible for third party integrations.


App by Skubana Labs

App Details

Author: Skubana Labs


Version: 1.0

15 W 18th St, Floor 7

New York, NY 10011

(855) 812-2732